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We are proud owners of this wonderful breed of dog. The Boerboel has been around since the 17th Century (and some say before) but has only recently been recognized by dog experts and lovers the world over for what it truly is, a Fantastic Dog!

The Boerboel is first and foremost a Family dog. It loves being part of and thrives under the care of a loving Family, whether that is one owner, a couple or a family with children. Second it is a masterful guard dog.

Sultan and Zeeba

We got our Dogs, Sultan and Zeeba from Coomore Boerboel’s, which is located in Portarlington, Ireland and was founded in 2001 with the importation of seven dogs. Three of these came from the United Kingdom, one from Belgium and three were imported from South Africa. They represent the best of European and African bloodlines. The official association for the Boerboel is SABT and when deciding to purchase a Boerboel you should always make sure the Breeder is SABT registered.

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